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Guided Mediation

Kia De Lao leads a guided meditation.
Guided Mediation
Kia De Lao
Kia has experience leading group meditation and creates a safe healing space for you to ground, relax and go inward. Kia enjoys sharing her passion for wellness and healing with her peers.

Bill Klaproth (Host):  This is a special edition of The Healing Podcast as we take you through a guided meditation with Kia De Lao, Administrative Assistant of Integrative Health and Wellness at Marin Health.

Kia De Lao (Guest):  So, let’s start by getting comfortable in your chair. Balance your sitting bones. Feet flat on the floor. And close your eyes. And now let’s take seven deep breaths. Let this be a natural event. With each breath, you take in a little more air. Take your time. And just follow my voice.

Starting at the top of your head, allow a feeling of relaxation to begin. Feel the relaxation grow with each breath. Inhale. Relax. Feel the flow of breath move through the body down to your feet and exhale. Let go of any tension. Breathe in relaxation. Exhale all tension. Allow your body to relax. Just allow and observe.

Now create a picture in your mind of the color red. Imagine all shades of red. You might picture red objects. A red landscape. Or just a solid color. Imagine all of the different tones of red. Roses, bricks, apples, sunset. Enjoy the color red. Now allow the color you are imagining to change to orange. Picture the color orange. Infinite shades of orange. Flowers, pumpkins, carrots. Fill the entire visual field of your mind’s eye with the color orange. Enjoy the color orange.

Visualize the color yellow. See in your imagination all the various shades of yellow. Allow yellow to fill your vision. Lemons, flowers, fall leaves. Imagine yourself surrounded with the calming color yellow. Immerse yourself.

Let the color you are imagining become green. Fill your imagination with the color green. Endless shades and tones of green. Plants, leaves, grass. Imagine being surrounded by beautiful green. Enjoy green.

Now see in your mind, the color blue. Surround yourself with beautiful blue. Unending shades of blue. Water, sky. Imagine blue filling your vision. Enjoy the color blue.

Allow the color in your imagination to become violet. Focus on the multitude of purples around you. Flowers, eggplant, sunrise. Immerse yourself in the color violet. Imagine the colors again, one at a time, starting with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Now picture whatever calming color you wish. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation you are experiencing. And gently return your attention to your regular activities. Gradually become more aware of your surroundings. Become more alert with each breath you take. Wiggle your toes. Wiggle your fingers. And when you are ready, come back to present time. Namaste.