Fit for Life with Harvey Diamond

Americans love to jump on diet bandwagons, ride the roller-coaster of celebrity tips, and play along with the latest fad. Want to know why it NEVER works?

Harvey Diamond sees dieting as a short-term deprivation from foods that have been over-indulged in for an extended period of time.

So he created Fit For Life, a lifestyle program designed to teach you to eat different types of foods as well as when and how to eat them.

He's even included a meal plan with shopping tips, recipes, and exercises you can do at home.

Listen to Harvey Diamond as he spills the secrets of healthy eating and teaches you how you can look and feel your best without starving yourself.
Fit for Life with Harvey Diamond
Harvey Diamond
Harvey DiamondHarvey Diamond has been teaching and studying health and healthy living for over 35 years. He is recognized world-wide as a well-respected and well-known author on the subject of health. Diamond is the co-author of Fit for Life, originally published in the 1980s, which has sold over 12 million copies in 33 languages and held the #1 position on the New York Times Bestseller list for 40 consecutive weeks. Diamond has made appearances on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Nightline, Good Morning America, and The Today Show to name a few.