Stress Busters with Dr. Susan Smith Jones

Susan Smith Jones, PhD, one of the world's foremost experts on diet, nutrition, balanced living, and natural remedies, doesn't keep secrets!

She joins the show to discuss healthy ways to combat stress with her bestselling book Recipes for Health Bliss.

Take a few minutes to find out how you too can live a stress-free life.
Stress Busters with Dr. Susan Smith Jones
Susan Smith Jones, PhD
susan smith jonesSusan Smith Jones, PhD, is world renowned for her motivational speeches, especially in the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies internationally. She is a much sought-after holistic wellness consultant and an award-winning columnist of over 1,500 articles. Susan has been helping thousands of people reach higher physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness for decades and taught health and fitness at UCLA for 30 years.