The Man Behind the Fight for Chiropractic

George McAndrews was the lead trial counselor for the landmark victory against the American Medical Association (AMA) for illegal attempts to eliminate their biggest competitor, the chiropractic profession.

Listen in as McAndrews joins Dr. Friedman in a two-part interview to discuss the scandalous details of this riveting trial.
The Man Behind the Fight for Chiropractic
George P. McAndrews, JD
George P. McAndrewsGeorge P. McAndrews is one of his law firm’s founding partners. Today, he counsels clients in all phases of patent, trademark, antitrust, fiduciary duty, unfair competition, warranty, and other intellectual property law. He is also a skilled litigator, primarily in mechanical, electrical, and chemical IP and technology, before juries, in federal and state courts throughout the United States and before such administrative bodies such as the International Trade Commission.

George received a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, where he was elected “Engineer of the Year.” He received his J.D. from the same university, ranking second in his class and having served as editor-in-chief of the Notre Dame Law Review and Chairman of the National Council of Law Review Editors. He has also received honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters and of Human Biology. He lectures widely on intellectual property law and trial techniques before juries and judges, and has addressed circuit conferences of United States judges on various aspects of trial practice.

He is also a veteran of the United States Navy.

George has represented many clients involved in both million-dollar and billion-dollar patent disputes. Few litigation specialists in the nation have achieved as many significant awards for clients, ranging from $1 million to $2 billion in size. He also represents clients that have been unjustly accused of patent or trademark infringement or to whom exorbitant, unjustified demands have been made, e.g., case was "a poorly conceived, unsupported attempt to gain a competitive advantage" with the patent owner being ordered to pay the defendant $1.5 million in attorneys fees and costs) and (a federal jury award[ed] "less than one-tenth the amount the plaintiff had sought in damages."

In 1997, after a successful 19-day complex patent jury trial involving more than 10 attorneys, a professional jury consultant reported: “Of all the lawyers, George McAndrews had the most positive image among jurors. This was true of jurors who favored [his client] as well as [the defendant]. Specifically, jurors felt Mr. McAndrews showed respect to the witnesses and did not talk down to the jury. His clarity helped the jurors the most to make sense of this complexity…and he was detail oriented.”

Federal judges have likewise had high praise for George’s work: “That was without a doubt the finest opening statement I have ever heard in my entire career, both on the bench and in trial practice. Your final arguments were superb! You have demonstrated one of the finest pieces of representation that I have ever had the pleasure to see.” Another judge comments, “I find the other day that we have seen the most devastating cross-examination of an honest witness in this case that we ever saw.”

His clients’ attitudes are reflected in the following quotations:
"Without exaggeration, the firm is fantastic. Mr. McAndrews sets the tone for the entire firm. His attention to detail, responsiveness, professionalism, and keen sense of client needs are reflected in everything the firm does." AND “However, the highlight of the trial was your closing. I unsuccessfully fought back tears as you led the jury through the concepts of our legal process. When you said that you appeal to the common sense of the ordinary citizen, I couldn’t keep my face dry. It was a beautiful presentation that clearly flowed from your deep respect and love for our legal system.”

George's clients have included DuPont, General Foods, Laporte, Merck, Genlyte, American Home Products, Spalding, Heil, Solo Cup, Fort Howard, Beloit, Prestolite, Maremont, Evenflo, Rexam, Belden, Arachnid, Thetford, CSP Technologies, Inc., Rockwood Specialties, Inc., E.H. Wachs, Co., The American Chiropractic Association, Weyerhaeuser, and other national and international companies. He was lead trial counsel for the successful plaintiffs in the celebrated 14-year antitrust case entitled Wilk et al v. AMA et al.

To this day, George believes that two of the most significant highlights of his career have been the 1999 inclusion of his firm in “America’s Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree” by Kimm Alayne Walton, J.D., and his firm as being named among the “100 Top Workplaces in the Chicagoland Area” by the Chicago Tribune.