"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman - 7.26.18

In this "Ask the Doctor" episode, Dr. Friedman answers some of his listeners' most pressing questions. Listen in for all the details. 

My son is always cracking his knuckles. I’ve heard doing so can cause arthritis. Is this true?
-Michelle, Sarasota Florida

Dr. Friedman, I read your book Food Sanity and love how you share the pros and cons of all the food groups. I eat organic chicken and wild caught fish but occasionally I crave a steak. I know you’re not a fan of red meat but will the occasional hamburger or steak be a health concern?
-Diane, Albuquerque New Mexico

Doc, I’ve been a long time listener and a big fan of the show. After reading your book and learning the type of diet you advocate, why do you interview guests that aren’t congruent with your way of eating?
-Steven, New York

Dear Dr Freedman. I’m confused about coffee. I hear coffee is bad for us, and then its good for us. Here in California they are putting warnings on coffee because it causes cancer, but two weeks ago, the news reported a study showing coffee extends a persons life. What’s the scoop on coffee?
-Shelly, San Diego

Dr. Friedman, I suffer from Candida Yeast infection. I go on a cleanse diet and drink pau d arco tea which completely gets rid of it but within a few weeks, it always returns. Any suggestion?

Dr. Friedman. I have carpal tunnel syndrome from being at my computer for eight hours a day. Any suggestions?
-Dan, Dallas

Dr. Friedman, is it important to eat everything organic? That’s not easy to do and can get costly.
-Shelly, Ohio