Make America Healthy Again

People on both sides of the political fence continue to debate on the best healthcare system for America.

Some embrace the Affordable Care Act. Others want "Medicare for All." Then there are those who prefer private health insurance plans.

The problem with all of these options is that they completely ignore what is really needed if we want to be healthy and lower the financial burden of rising medical costs.

Dr. Nicole Saphier says we need to take a good look in the mirror and take personal responsibility. Eighty percent of heart disease and 40 percent of cancer could be prevented by simple lifestyle changes.

The healthcare decisions being made by Washington bureaucrats isn't addressing the real problem.

Dr. Saphier's book title says it all: Make America Health Again.

Listen as she joins Dr. Friedman to share insights from the book and why we can't fix the American healthcare system until we fix ourselves.
Make America Healthy Again
Nicole Saphier, MD
Nationally known medical contributor and regular guest anchor for Fox News Channel, Nicole Saphier is a full-time practicing, board-certified Cancer Imaging Specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Passionate about patient advocacy and individual responsibility, Saphier has worked on numerous healthcare legislation that have guaranteed Americans early access to disease detection and education.