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The Benefits of Health & Wellness Retreats

Everyone feels the need for a little R&R--rest and relaxation--every once in a while.

Some turn to yoga, others to reading or spending time with family. But everyone could use a step further from time to time.

At New Life Hiking Spa, guests get the relaxation they crave and the benefits of a full retreat.

The retreat offers hiking on beautiful trails that will take your breath away, fitness activities to get your hearts pumping and endorphins moving, plus massages to knead out stress knots and tension you didn't even know were there.

New Life Hiking Spa is on To Your Good Health Radio Show to discuss the many benefits of visiting a health and wellness retreat; from the physical benefits to the emotional and spiritual ones.

Plus, Kathleen LaSage, co-owner with husband Jimmy LaSage, makes a very exciting announcement for those listeners entered in the Whole Body Transformation Challenge!
The Benefits of Health & Wellness Retreats
Kathleen LaSage
NewLifeHikingSpaJimmy LeSage's New Life Hiking Spa, located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, is known for its hiking program, delicious and healthy meal plans, and relaxing atmosphere. Their purpose is to bring you to the next level of emotional and physical wellness using fitness, social, and emotional well-being tactics. The New Life Hiking Spa use the Appalachian trail as a playground for successful well being.