Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload is Making You Sick - and How to Get Better

Featuring: Sally K. Norton
What are oxalates and how do they affect our health? Sally K. Norton, author of "Toxic Superfoods" and acclaimed nutrition educator, reveals how the foods you’re eating to get healthy might be making you sick, and how she recovered from her chronic health issues by lowering her oxalate intake.

Chicken Soup for the Mind, Body and Soul: How to Go from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Featuring: Jack Canfield
Bestselling author Jack Canfield has spent decades helping people go from where they are to where they want to be.

Lies I Taught in Medical School, How Conventional Medicine Is Making You Sicker and What You Can Do to Save Your Own Life

Featuring: Dr. Robert Lufkin, MD
Dr. Lufkin, a metabolic health expert, shares his journey of questioning conventional medical approaches after facing chronic diseases. 

"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. David Friedman

Featuring: Dr. David Friedman, ND, DC
In this episode of “Ask the Doctor,” Dr. Friedman shares money-saving strategies when shopping for food, the best natural stress remedy, why he’s not fond of meal replacement shakes/bars, the healthiest and unhealthiest red wine, which apples to avoid, and which ones help keep the doctor away. He also discusses food intolerance, gives a healthy migraine remedy, and shares how to to shop for the healthiest eggs. All this and more! Listeners have questions and Dr. Friedman has answers.

The End of Craving: Recovering the Lost Art of Eating Well

Featuring: Mark Schatzker
Nearly half of the population is considered obese.

The Miracle Morning

Featuring: Hal Elrod
Unleashing the power of The Miracle Morning: a journey to inner freedom and creating the most effective personal development ritual.

Steps to Boosting Immunity Naturally

Featuring: Andrea Beaman
One of the biggest concerns of the last year is how to have a stronger immune system.

CBD Use in Sports and Health & Fitness

Featuring: Matt Lombardi & Kevin Moran
CBD is everywhere these days, from specialty markets to your local grocery store.


Featuring: Neal Barnard, MD, FACC
Dr. Neal Barnard's new diet and plan offers an evidenced-based, food-as-medicine protocol for kickstarting weight loss and keeping it off. Eat These Foods, Lose the Weight.

Importance of Self-Talk in Difficult Times

Featuring: Shad Helmstetter, PhD
A lot of individuals struggle with negative self-talk -- which can have a severe impact on one's mental health.
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