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Natural Alternatives to Battle Even the Deadliest Diseases

Dr. Carl Helvie shares how he was able to tap into both his mind and spirit to overcome even the most difficult of diseases... Cancer.

A graduate of John Hopkins (the most conservative of medical schools), Dr. Helvie set his conservative teachings aside and tapped into unconventional ways to beat the disease.

Now, at 80 years of age, he is the oldest living cancer survivor.

In this amazing interview, Dr. Helvie shares firsthand how he beat the odds and what you can do when faced with medical treatment decisions, including seeking alternatives to drugs and medical treatment.
Natural Alternatives to Battle Even the Deadliest Diseases
Carl O. Helvie, PhD
drcarlhelvie resizedDr Carl O. Helvie is a registered nurse, with two masters (U of California, Johns Hopkins University) and a doctorate in public health and wellness (Johns Hopkins University) and 60 years experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author, and researcher who received national recognitions including the Distinguished Career in Public Health Award from the American Public Health Association in 1999 and listings in most major national references including Who's Who, Who's Who in Virginia, Who's Who in American Nursing, Outstanding Educator in America, Men of Achievement, American Men and Women of Science, and a listing on Wikipedia. He has published eight books and chapters in four additional ones. He has also published or presented internationally over 100 papers and articles. Two of his noted accomplishments are the development and publication of a nursing theory that is used internationally and the establishment of a nursing center that provided primary care for homeless and low-income individuals and families.

Dr Helvie is also a 38-year lung cancer survivor who was given six months to live by conventional medicine... so he used natural interventions. His story and what he has done since to prevent recurrence is included in You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions. At age 81 he not only beat the odds of lung cancer but also the odds of three chronic illnesses and five prescribed medications that are the average for a 75 year old. For the past 38 years his focus has been on holistic health and natural interventions. He has been host of the Holistic Health Show on BBS Radio for the past 5 years, has been interviewed on over 125 radio programs, television and in magazines, acts as a resource to around 60 cancer patients monthly, and is in the process of establishing a holistic cancer foundation.