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The Dangers of Gluten

Did you know that gluten is the cause of over 300 health abnormalities?

Some are even as serious as cancer, depression, fatigue, migraines, memory loss, and osteoporosis.

Joining To Your Good Health Radio is Anne Sarkisian, author of Toxic Staple, a book that creates awareness of the dangers of a gluten-filled diet.

Anne discusses the health benefits of being gluten-free, as well as how you can get tested for a gluten sensitivity.
The Dangers of Gluten
Anne Sarkisian
annesarkisianredoAnne Sarkisian has been an authoritative advocate for the awareness of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten intolerance since 2004. To this end, she has attended more than half a dozen medical conferences on the topic, read numerous books, and examined over 2000 abstracts and research studies from around the world. She has interviewed hundreds of people who have found relief from a variety of medical conditions by adopting a gluten-free lifestyle.

There is no shortage of information. What is lacking is a workable mechanism by which research findings can be made readily available to doctors and health care professionals. Toxic Staple: How Gluten May Be Wrecking Your Health – and What You Can Do About It! along with Sarkisian’s website,, brings cutting-edge information on this topic to the medical community and the general public alike.

When nearly every member of Sarkisian’s family was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, she became determined to learn everything she could about this protein that was wrecking havoc with her family’s well-being and with the well-being of millions of families across the country. The result was Toxic Staple, a book she hopes will empower readers to transform their health.

Sarkisian is a graduate of UNH ’64, a fiber artist and jewelry designer at the Clever Hand Gallery in Wellesley, and an accredited Master Flower Show Judge. She has exhibited at Art In Bloom at the MFA in Boston and the New England Spring Flower Show for over 20 years. She lives with her husband in NH.