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Never Brush Your Teeth Again

Periodontal disease is more than just a dental issue.

In fact, it's been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, dementia, and other systemic diseases. 

Dr. P. Piero is known as "the dentist who doesn't brush his teeth," and has been researching dental health and periodontal disease for many years.

According to Dr. Piero, 50 percent of the individuals over the age of 35 have periodontal disease. That statistic rises to 75 percent of individuals at the age of 65.

Toothbrushes aren't working, obviously.

Gum recession and decay, enamel damage, and root damage can all result from traditional brushing and flossing.

And, says Dr. Piero, if you're a "once in a while" flosser, not a consistent one, you may be doing more harm than good.

Listen in as Dr. Piero joins Dr. Friedman to share more about the dangers of poor oral health and periodontal disease, as well as the invention he has created (the Dental Air Force home dental cleaning system) to ensure both proper oral health, as well as overall health.
Never Brush Your Teeth Again
P. Piero, DDS
P-PieroDr. P. Piero, a Holland, MI, dentist for over 30 years, is the inventor of Dental Air Force and CEO of Air Force Inc. Clinical studies using Dental Air Force have been published in peer-reviewed international health journals. Dr. Piero is passionate when he speaks about the most devastating disease on the planet: periodontal disease, caused by inflammation. Dr. Piero has articles published on periodontal health related to heart disease, respiratory health, diabetes, strokes, and other systemic diseases.