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Finding Intimacy with Yoga

Sex is humans' second basic instinct after survival. It shouldn't be reserved for "special occasions" or when that Blue Moon comes around.

Unfortunately, mismatched libido is one of the biggest problems in relationships.

How can you improve intimacy within your own partnership?

Ava Cadell, PhD, is a sexologist who has helped countless couples become closer in their sexual relationships. 

Her new program involves the use of yoga poses, which allows couples to engage in physical activity and mindfulness, as well as stay connected on the journey to sexual fitness and satisfaction. The poses, coined "sexycises," range from playful to passionate and provide mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual benefits for individuals and couples.

Listen in as Ava joins Dr. Friedman to explain why sex is such a vital part of life, as well as how sexycises can help you connect with your partner. 

Plus, learn Ava's opinion on bondage, 50 Shades of Grey, erotic activities, role playing, and sex toys.
Finding Intimacy with Yoga
Ava Cadell, PhD
Ava-CadellDr. Ava Cadell is a sexologist, global speaker media therapist, author of 10 books and 13 instructional videos, AASECT certified sex counselor, Founder of Loveology University and President of the American College of Sexologists international.

She was voted Sexpert of the Year by the Sexual Health Expo (SHE).