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Whole Foods Approach to Planning, Cooking & Eating with Diabetes

If you've received a diagnosis of diabetes or heart disease, part of treatment involves some sort of prescriptive diet (aka: restrictive).

These diets are strict and uninspired, eschewing taste in favor of health.

Enough of the dieting and deprivation! It’s time to embrace the joy of eating well with an intention that healthy foods are nourishing, sustaining and delicious.

The new book by Katie Cavuto, MS, RD, Whole Cooking and Nutrition, shifts the conversation away from dieting to one of positive messages and gratifying intentions.

The result is a book packed with information to help readers improve their relationship with food, turning a spotlight on 85 every day foods that maximize flavor and boast rich nutrient density that will inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle. With more than 150 vibrant, flavorful recipes, this cookbook promotes a mindful, pleasurable approach to eating.

The book promotes a healthy lifestyle and, more importantly, restores the joy of eating. With a focus on whole foods, Katie aims to empower readers to get into the kitchen to create her approachable and delicious recipes that are nourishing whether you have diabetes or not.

Listen in as Katie joins Dr. Friedman to share more about the book and her approach to whole food eating.
Whole Foods Approach to Planning, Cooking & Eating with Diabetes
Katie Cavuto, MS, RD
Katie-CavutoKatie Cavuto MS, RD, Chef, is a Philadelphia-based registered dietitian and wellness advocate. Katie believes that health is about more than what you eat. She aims to inspire people to live well through messages of self-love, food enjoyment, mindfulness and sustainable, conscious living. Katie appears in regular nutrition and cooking segments on local and national TV.

Her writing and recipes have been showcased nationally in O, the Oprah Magazine, Family Circle and more. Katie is the dietitian for the Philadelphia Flyers and Phillies. Her first cookbook is being published by the American Diabetes Association in late summer of 2016.

For recipes and wellness tips visit her blog