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Encore Episode Cat & Nat: Busting the Perfect Mom Myth

Being a mom has never been an easy job, but the increasing popularity of social media has put a new spin on motherhood (and parenting in general).

Suddenly you may find yourself comparing your abilities with others. Sure, it may appear that you mommy circle of friends are "doing it all" or have the perfect children, but chances are that is just a facade. 

At the end of the day, everyone has a unique situation.

Founded on the premise of bringing moms together in engaging environments to learn and grow together, Social Common has become a trusted brand that is authentically lead by two very candid moms. Catherine Belknap & Natalie Telfer have evolved their brand into YouTube hosts for The Cat & Nat Show, brand ambassadors, branded content experts, TV personalities, social media leaders, and more.

With their show, Cat and Nat use humor to help moms to get through the day, and they explore the emotional and physical challenges of being a mom.

The overall message? Give yourself a break. No matter how the day turns out, there is always the next morning.

Listen in as Cat and Nat join Dr. David Friedman to share more about their show, Social Common, and how they're providing a fun escape for busy moms and dads.
Encore Episode Cat & Nat: Busting the Perfect Mom Myth
Catherine Belknap & Natalie Telfer
Cat-NatCatherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer are entrepreneurs, YouTubers, Facebook Live hosts, media personalities, and brand spokespeople.

Together, they parent seven children, manage two husbands and run Social Common, a one-of-a-kind digital platform for moms.

Through their candid videos, Cat & Nat share the real, raw, uncensored side of motherhood with moms all around the world.