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Chew on This with Kim Barnouin: Bath Benefits, Aluminum Foil Dangers & Calorie Counting Cons

Dr. Friedman and Kim chew on the benefits of taking a hot bath, aluminum foil dangers, and the detriments of counting calories to lose weight.

Baths Burn Calories?

Research shows that taking a hot bath may burn as many calories as exercising. It can also provide positive inflammatory responses within your body, similar to the body's reaction to exercise, which allows for a reduced risk for diabetes, stroke and heart disease. No gym membership required.

Soaking in a bath with magnesium sulfate with a few drops of essential oils only adds to the physiological benefits.

Aluminum Foil Dangers

World Health Organization (WHO) research has shown that some of the aluminum in foil can leach into your food and cause health problems, including dementia, Alzheimer's disease and kidney disease. The issue becomes worse with highly acidic foods and cooking foods at high temperatures.

Instead, use parchment paper, which is safe and has the added benefit of not sticking to your food.

"Most Popular Diet" Doesn't Mean It's Effective

Alternative Daily News reports that the most popular diet during the last century has been counting calories. However, this method can put your body in a famine mode, causing you to gain back all the weight lost (and more). It's more important to understand what your body needs to thrive.

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Chew on This with Kim Barnouin: Bath Benefits, Aluminum Foil Dangers & Calorie Counting Cons
Kim Barnouin
Kim BarnouinBefore she was a Skinny Bitch, Kim Barnouin was a high school drop-out turned model who only crossed paths with a vegetable on her pizza. Today she is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Skinny Bitch, with its sequels Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven, Skinny Bitch: Just Bitchin, and a line of fitness DVDs.

As a kid, Kim used to spit veggies into her napkin. As a young adult, she couldn't get enough of earth's treats. It was during this transition that Kim became obsessed with nutrition. She got her hands on every book and enrolled in a Bachelor's program in Natural Health. 

She wouldn't stop there. 

This retired beach bum went on to receive a Master's in Holistic Nutrition and is currently working on her PhD. Learning about how food affects and heals many diseases and illnesses was something she wanted to share with everyone.