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Healing Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils have become the natural go-to solution for hormone imbalance, inflammation, depression, digestion issues, and improving the immune system... just to name a few.

Dr. Eric Zielinski, author of the Healing Power of Essentials Oils, joins Dr. Friedman to share all the latest information, including the best way to use essential oils to enhance your health.
Healing Power of Essential Oils
Eric Zielinski, DC
Eric-ZielinskiDr. Eric Zielinski has been on a mission to helping people enjoy the abundant life for nearly 15 years.

Formally trained as a public health researcher, Dr. Z (as he is commonly known) launched his online health ministry with in June 2014. Visited by more than three million people, it has become the #1 ranked, fastest-growing website devoted to Biblical Health on the Internet.

Specializing in the therapeutic use of essential oils, Dr. Z is an accomplished researcher with several publications, conference proceedings, and currently sits as peer-reviewer for multiple journals.

He lives in Atlanta with his wife and four children.