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Rebuild: 5 Proven Steps to Move From Diagnosis to Recovery & Be Healthier than Before

After conquering a life-threatening disease, Dr. Robert Zembroski (Dr. Z as his patients call him) challenged himself to thrive in the wake of devastating illness.

He knew that a diagnosis should not be one's destiny.

In his book Rebuild: Five Proven Steps to Move from Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before, Dr. Z provides simple yet proven guidelines to ensure what you eat, how you exercise, and manage other aspects of your lifestyle contribute to your personal recovery and level of health you want to achieve.

Dr. Z’s advice is radically practical: no fads and no extremes. Just sound, actionable strategies rooted in real science. Leveraging cutting-edge research in epigenetics and the root causes of chronic illness, Rebuild can help you prevent disease and recover from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, or other chronic health issues.

In the book, Dr. Z explains:

  • How specific nutrients reverse the mechanisms of disease.
  • Key exercises to speed you through recovery.
  • How chronic stress impairs your ability to heal.
  • The right amount of sleep to reverse chronic health issues.
  • Which toxins in foods are linked to the most serious disease.
  • A simple yet sustainable plan to get rid of toxic feat and get lean.
  • Specific medical tests to understand your condition.
Listen as Dr. Z joins Dr. Friedman to share the expert advice you need to look beyond confusing medical opinions and diagnostic errors and take full control of your own health.
Rebuild: 5 Proven Steps to Move From Diagnosis to Recovery & Be Healthier than Before
Robert Zembroski, DC, DACNB, MS
Dr. Robert Zembroski is a specialist in functional medicine, chiropractic neurologist, clinical nutritionist, and transformational speaker. Twenty-four years in private practice, including his own journey through disease, has enabled Dr. Z to become an expert in health topics from heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity, cancer, hormone issues, nutrition, and fitness.

He is the author of the ground-breaking new patient-friendly guide to recovery REBUILD: 5 Proven Steps to Move From Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before. Dr. Z’s new book REBUILD is the only program that allows the reader to create a personalized plan based on their unique health needs.

It is a must read if you are looking to reverse chronic health issues, restore your body ‘s wellness after disease, prevent disease or recurrence, lose toxic fat and get lean, or... raise the bar on your health for good.