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Encore Episode: Transformative Power of Lifestyle Medicine

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and even the aging process are all medical issues afflicting individuals around the world. 

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Dean Ornish, MD, has directed revolutionary research proving, for the first time, that lifestyle changes can often reverse (undo) the progression of many of the most common--and costly--chronic diseases and even begin reversing aging at a cellular level.

Thanks to the great success of Dr. Ornish's Lifestyle Medicine programs, Medicare and many insurance companies now cover the program for reversing chronic disease. The program has consistently achieved greater changes in lifestyle, better clinical outcomes, larger cost savings, and greater adherence than has ever been reported.

Dr. Ornish joins Dr. Friedman to discuss his research, success stories, and the approach to lifestyle medicine, which includes:

  • Eat well: a whole foods, plant-based diet naturally low in fat and sugar and high in flavor
  • Move more: moderate exercise such as walking
  • Stress less: including meditation and gentle yoga practices
  • Love more: how love and intimacy transform loneliness into healing
Encore Episode: Transformative Power of Lifestyle Medicine
Dean Ornish, MD
Dean Ornish, MD, is founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF, and author of six bestselling books, including The Spectrum.

Dr. Ornish’s 40 years of research has scientifically proven, for the first time, that the lifestyle changes he recommends can reverse heart disease and prostate cancer, and can lengthen telomeres which begins to reverse aging on a cellular level. The Ornish Program was the first lifestyle-based program for reversing disease to be covered in the history of Medicare.

Dr. Ornish has been recognized by LIFE magazine as “one of the fifty most influential members of his generation” and by Forbes as “one of the seven most powerful teachers in the world.” Dr. Ornish will show you the proven pillars to a healthy heart and a wholesome life.