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Relentless: Unleashing a Life of Purpose, Grit, and Faith

A happy, healthy, and successful person is someone who can take the bricks that are thrown at him and use them to build a strong foundation.

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No one knows that better than John Tesh.

In his new book, Relentless, he shares how he used obstacles, including a deadly disease, to shape his remarkable life.

All of us will encounter tragedies and heartache. That's called "life." It's how we handle them that defines us.

Listen as Tesh joins Dr. Friedman to share his journey.
Relentless: Unleashing a Life of Purpose, Grit, and Faith
John Tesh
For the past forty-five years John Tesh has been internationally recognized as a journalist, composer, broadcaster, and concert pianist. His Intelligence for Your Life radio show currently airs on 350 stations and reaches 14 million people each week. John’s highly successful and varied career path also includes six years as a correspondent for CBS News, a ten-year run as anchor on Entertainment Tonight, broadcast host and music composer for the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympic Games, induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame and the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, and the unique distinction of composing what critics have hailed as “the greatest sports theme in television history” for NBC Sports basketball. John’s live television concerts, including the seminal “Live at Red Rocks,” have raised millions for Public Television. John and his wife, Connie Sellecca, live in Los Angeles, California.