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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman - 07.30.20

On this episode of Ask The Doctor, Dr. Friedman answers questions sent in by listeners.

He’ll share the healthiest wine and which type you should avoid. The average cell phone contains 17,000 germs! One listener asks for the best way to clean the germs off a cell phone; someone asks for a healthy hotdog option that's not made from tofu or wheatgrass. Dr. Friedman shares a natural way to combat carpal tunnel syndrome and discusses how the dust inside your house could be destroying your health. One listener asks Dr. Friedman, after 25 years of interviewing celebrities and best-selling authors, who is his favorite guest of all time? Also, if you don’t like things like cilantro, asparagus, and spinach, Dr. Friedman shares how your genetics could be to blame.

This, and much more. You have questions and Dr. Friedman has answers.

If you have a health-related question you would like Dr. Friedman to answer send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If he answers yours on the air, he’ll send you a signed copy of his #1 bestselling book Food Sanity, how to eat in a world of fads and fiction. And he’ll also include his bestselling audiobook, “America’s Unbalanced Diet.”

Here are some of the questions he answers on this episode: ….

“Dr. Friedman, I’ve heard how great wine is for our health. Is there a specific type of wine that is considered the healthiest”

-Diane Hudson, Albuquerque New Mexico

“I just listened to your segment called Germs Are Our Friends. It was an eye-opener. You mentioned our cell phone contains 17,000 germs including E. coli. Do you recommend a cleaner I can use to clean my phone?”

-Michelle Bigerson, New Port Richey Fla

“Back in high school in my health class we had a teacher that passed out all these little pieces of paper and he said we're going to find something out about you. Everybody put the piece of paper in their mouths. I was the only one in class that spit and screamed how awful it tasted. I would love to know what that was testing for. I have a sensitivity to certain foods like spinach and cilantro. Also, I can’t stand the taste of beer or wine. It burns my mouth.”

-Charlena Minder, Huntington Beach CA.

“I love hotdogs but I know they are bad for me. Is there any healthier type of hotdog I can eat that’s not made out of wheatgrass or tofu?”

-Andy Foster, Davenport Iowa.

“Dr. Friedman, I suffer from Candida Yeast infection. I go on a cleanse diet and within a few weeks, it always returns. Any suggestions?”

-Brenda Russ, Charlotte NC

“I have carpel tunnel syndrome from being at my computer for 8 hours a day. Any suggestions?”

-Dan Gibbs, Nashville Tennessee

“Doc, I’ve been a long time listener and always learn so much from your segments. I’m curious after all the years you’ve been doing the show, who is your favorite guest?

- Suzanne Collins, Raleigh NC

How does dust get in a house when the doors and windows are always closed?

-Mira Canady, Salt Lake City Utah
"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman - 07.30.20
David Friedman, ND, DC