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The Secret Language of Cells

While science has proven that cells are the building blocks of all living things, it's actually the communication between cells that brings us to life and determines our health.

Dr. Jon Lieff is a nationally recognized neuropsychiatrist of over 40 years and author of The Secret Language of Cells.

In this episode, Dr. Friedman and Dr. Lieff talk about cellular immunity, mind-body connection, and immune-brain connection, as well as chronic stress at a cellular level.

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The Secret Language of Cells
Jon Lieff, MD

Jon Lieff, MD, author of The Secret Language of Cells, brings to bear 40 years as a nationally recognized neuro-psychiatrist, during which he was president of a national medical subspecialty organization, founded a major scientific journal, and was the medical director for 25 years of a large network of psychiatric care facilities for the elderly. He is a pioneer in several medical fields—geriatric psychiatry, brain injury, computer applications in psychiatry, and the integration of medicine, psychiatry, and neurology. Starting with an interest in brain cell communication, Dr. Lieff found similar signaling among all cells in nature. Five years ago, he established his acclaimed and popular scientific website, Searching for the Mind, about the topic of cellular communication.