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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman

In this episode of "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Friedman answers some of his listeners' most pressing questions.

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Is it true that drinking olive oil every day is healthy? If so, how much, and how can I choose the best brand of olive oil?

 -Jimmy from Las Vegas NV

Can a lack of sleep lead to weight gain?

-Stephanie from Sarasota FL 

Any advice for committing to getting healthy in 2021?

-Katie Lynn from Williamstown NJ

What are your thoughts on the blood type diet? Is it a myth or legit?

-Abigail from Wilmington NC

What's better, raw or cooked vegetables?

-Bob from Cleveland OH

I've heard seltzer water isn't healthy and can damage my teeth. Is there any truth to this? 

-Deborah from Bloomington MN

Is there a health risk from the ink used when getting a tattoo?

-Mark from New York NY

What's the difference between gluten-free oatmeal and regular oatmeal?

-Charlene in Albuquerque NM

Sometimes I crave sweet, sometimes I crave salty. What do cravings mean and how can I stop them? 

-Ann from Dallas TX

My wife is afraid to lift weights because she doesn't want to be too muscular. Should she be concerned? 

-Dan from Dayton OH

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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman
David Friedman