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Mold & Environmental Toxins: Is Your Home Killing You?

Shemane Nugent and her rockstar husband, Ted built the house of their dreams. It was featured on the popular show, MTV cribs. What they didn't know was their sanctuary was killing them. Eventually, they would discover the culprit that was taking a toll on their emotional and physical health was life-threatening toxic mold.

She was eventually able to heal herself and her family from natural remedies and functional medicine, and she shares her story in the new documentary Killer House. If you're experiencing unresolved fatigue, headaches, brain fog, chronic sinus, or stomach issues, your house could be to blame.

Shemane is a New York Times bestselling author and an international fitness presenter and instructor for more than 40 years as a program developer for Zumba training instructors worldwide.  She's the author of "Married To A Rockstar", "Four Minutes to Happy," and co-author of the New York Times bestselling book "Kill It and Grill It" with her husband, legendary rocker, Ted Nugent.
Mold & Environmental Toxins: Is Your Home Killing You?
Shemane Nugent
New York Times best-selling author Shemane Nugent has been an International fitness presenter and instructor for more than forty years. As a program developer for Zumba, she trained instructors worldwide. She has appeared on Vh1, MTV, CMT, Discovery, C-Span, Entertainment Tonight, FOX, and is the award-winning co-host & producer of Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on Outdoor Channel.

She is the author of "Married to a Rock Star”, “4 Minutes to Happy”, and co-authored the New York Times best-selling wild game cookbook "Kill It and Grill It” with her husband, legendary rocker Ted Nugent. After a life-threatening illness caused by toxic mold in her home that was featured on MTV Cribs, Shemane healed herself and her family with natural remedies and functional medicine and shares it all in a new documentary called Killer House.

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