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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman

In this episode of "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Friedman answers some of his listeners' most pressing questions. Listen in for all the details. 

How do you pick the perfect watermelon?
Alicia Wright - Myrtle Beach, SC 

Are there any supplements or certain foods to increase my sex drive?
Tom Owens - St. Petersburg, FL

Any tips for identifying real scallops at restaurants from fake ones?
Michelle Schroeder - Greenville, SC

My husband wants me to go to the gym with him but I don't want to look grotesque like a bodybuilder, any tips?
Mary Owens - Marietta, GA

I've heard using a heating pad could cause cancer, is this true?
Sarah Michelson - St. Louis, MO

I've heard that alcohol helps enhance sex but it seems to have the opposite effect on me, why is that?
James Harrison - Smyrna, GA

I've heard if a banana has brown spots, that means it's been chemically ripened, is that true? 
Dan Sadler - Chicago IL

My sister lives near the Ohio River which is contaminated with the chemicals used to make Teflon. Is there anything natural she can do or is it too late? 

Susan Myers

My muscles are always sore from working out, anything you can recommend?
Ron Zelensky - Orlando FL

I'm suffering from brain fog, I forget things and feel like I am in a constant cloud. Is there anything I can eat that might help?
Anne Stevens - Detroit, MI

You say mouthwash containing alcohol can dry out the mouth and make you more susceptible to bacteria build-up. I have gingivitis, anything you can suggest? 
Richard Bailey - Memphis, TN

I love oatmeal but recently heard it's bad for me, what gives?!
Julie Green - Joliette, IL

I have osteoarthritis but I don't want to be on anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids, is there a natural remedy that works?
Julie Kissinger - Smyrna, GA

Can you verify or debunk this: I have always been told that reverse osmosis is the only way to truly get all the bad stuff out of our water. Is that true? 
Kathy Gibson Linear - Sanibel, FL 

I suffer from migraine headaches, are there any foods I can add to my diet to alleviate them?
Margaret Levy - Kentucky

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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman