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CardioMiracle, and How Nitric Oxide Is The Spark of Life in the Cell

The number one cause of death in America is cardiovascular disease. On average, somebody dies of a heart attack or stroke every 36 seconds. After losing several family members to heart disease, today's guest also came very close to being one of these statistics. Until he discovered nitric oxide, a molecule that was awarded a Nobel Prize in medicine for reversing heart disease.

After successfully regaining his health, he formulated Cardio Miracle. It offers superior nitric oxide assimilation with over 50 whole-food synergistic nutrients. This heart-healthy product also helps boost the immune system, improve focus, memory, performance, and energy.

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John Hewlett has spent over nine years of his life researching and traveling across the globe to meet with renowned scientists, doctors, and nutritionists on the topic of nitric oxide production. He used this knowledge to formulate the revolutionary product Cardio Miracle. He's now on a mission to share this amazing discovery with those suffering from health conditions that can now be reduced and even reversed.


CardioMiracle, and How Nitric Oxide Is The Spark of Life in the Cell
John Hewlett
As the Founder of Sanacor International, the manufacturer and distributor of Cardio Miracle, John Hewlett has dedicated his life to sharing the nitric oxide discovery and the Cardio Miracle formulation with those who are suffering from the disease and health-ravaging effects from the loss of nitric oxide. He enthusiastically shares the news about the “miraculous” ability of nitric oxide in the arteries, veins, and capillaries to reduce and even reverse the effects of age-related diseases. John considers this his life’s calling and mission—to help people overcome disease and enjoy life to the fullest.