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What is Structured Water? Is it Better for You?

Even health-conscious people can underestimate the power of water and the necessity of drinking enough of it throughout the day.

The best water is natural - without added minerals; simply pure on its own.

Structured water is water in nature with perfectly balanced pH levels and free of memory.

Ron McMullen is on the To Your Good Health Radio Show to discuss the reasons structured water is the best water for your body to function properly and all the benefits of switching to structured water.

Listen in to determine whether or not your water meets these standards.
What is Structured Water? Is it Better for You?
Ron McMullen
Ron McMullen started his first radio show in 2004 in Colorado with the hopes of pursuing spirituality and finding a divine purpose alongside his listeners. He is now the host of The Ronnie McMullen Show live every Monday morning at 8:00am. His purpose is to entertain his listeners and help them reach the next level to be the best they can be.

RonnieMcMullen2Ronnie McMullen is a national talk show host and has been on air since 2004. He has a very intense and bold passion with which he shares the unimaginable truths that mainstream media loves to circumvent. Through listening to the many people who have called in he has become a life coach of many. He wants people to become their potential. The Ronnie McMullen Show airs in Seattle, Washington; New York; Los Angeles; and Sedona, Arizona. His show entertains, intertwines and unlocks the human possibilities of who we can be. He will stretch you, change your focus and help enrich your life.