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ADHD: Adderall Addiction on the Rise... Is Someone You Know at Risk?

With those suffering from ADHD on the rise, Tammy Strickling, Executive Director at Suncoast Rehab, joins To Your Good Health Radio to share the risks of prescription drugs, the right questions to ask your doctor and how to get back to basics (such as you or your child's diet) before turning to prescription drugs.

She also shares the risks of addiction to Adderall, the signs that someone is addicted and the intense rehabilitation process once an addiction becomes apparent.

While new laws help monitor dispensing prescription medications, the first steps begin at home.

If you or someone you know suffers from ADHD, you cannot afford to miss this informative interview.
ADHD: Adderall Addiction on the Rise... Is Someone You Know at Risk?
Tammy Strickling
Tammy strickling 2206Tammy Strickling is the CEO of Suncoast Rehab Center, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization. Tammy began her career in detox and rehabilitation after being inspired by her twin brother, who struggled with substance abuse and is now 20 years sober. Tammy has spent almost two decades helping save lives, reunite families and rebuild communities through her dedicated work in the field of rehabilitation. Recently, she has focused her attention not only on drug rehabilitation, but also education and prevention programs to address the growing drug abuse epidemic.