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The Bulletproof Diet: Get Leaner, Healthier & Smarter

"It's pretty amazing what you can do when you're in charge of your own biology." 

That's something Dave Asprey, a Silicone Valley investor, learned about his health after being able to lose over 100 pounds, regain health, and even significantly improve his IQ by "hacking" his own biology.

Dave joins Dr. Friedman to explain how he made these dramatic health improvements, as well as share some insights from his New York Times bestselling book, The Bulletproof Diet.

Dave also discusses the importance of identifying mold sources and his upcoming documentary on the topic, Moldy.

The Bulletproof Diet: Get Leaner, Healthier & Smarter
Dave Asprey, Author
Dave-AspreyDave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and author of New York Times bestseller, The Bulletproof Diet, is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent two decades and over $300,000 to hack his own biology.

Dave lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, used techniques to upgrade his brain by more than 0150 IQ points, and lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time. Learning to do these seemingly impossible things transformed him into a better entrepreneur, a better husband, and a better father.

Dave is the creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee, host of the #1 health podcast, Bulletproof Radio, and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Bulletproof Diet. Through his work Dave provides information, techniques and keys to taking control of and improving your biochemistry, your body and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control your decisions.

Dave’s new venture, the Bulletproof Coffee Shop, is now open in Santa Monica with more locations coming soon.