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Chew on This with Kim Barnouin

Dr. Friedman and Kim chew on a new study that shows eating carbs can put you at a higher risk of developing lung cancer, even if you’ve never smoked.  

Foods such as white bread and white rice may increase your risk of lung cancer by 49 percent. 

Also, a study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology revealed that the touch-free bathroom hand dryers that blast hot air around your digits spread 1,300 times more germs than paper towels. 

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Chew on This with Kim Barnouin
Kim Barnouin
Kim BarnouinBefore she was a Skinny Bitch, Kim Barnouin was a high school drop-out turned model who only crossed paths with a vegetable on her pizza. Today she is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Skinny Bitch, with its sequels Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven, Skinny Bitch: Just Bitchin, and a line of fitness DVDs.

As a kid, Kim used to spit veggies into her napkin. As a young adult, she couldn't get enough of earth's treats. It was during this transition that Kim became obsessed with nutrition. She got her hands on every book and enrolled in a Bachelor's program in Natural Health.

She wouldn't stop there.

This retired beach bum went on to receive a Master's in Holistic Nutrition and is currently working on her PhD. Learning about how food affects and heals many diseases and illnesses was something she wanted to share with everyone.