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Are Telomeres The Fountain Of Youth?

The sands of time come with extra candles on the birthday cake: wrinkles, weight gain, memory loss, aches, and pains. We're told these are just a normal part of getting older. But focusing on something called our telomeres, we may be able to turn back the clock.

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes. Our guest today is Dr. Daryl Mysek is a holistic physician and leading anti-aging expert who has done extensive research on how our telomeres may hold the secret to changing how we age and extending our lifespan. 

Dr. Misak is a regular contributing writer for the Naturopathic Doctor News and Review and does regular radio interviews and lectures focused on a natural approach to good health.

In this encore episode from July 2020, Dr. Misak shares more on this secret to longevity, the right supplements to take, and DNA testing to find out more about your own telomere length.
Are Telomeres The Fountain Of Youth?
Dr. Darrell Misak
 Dr. Darrell Misak is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Licensed Pharmacist, owner of Pittsburgh Alternative Health and a devoted father.  His passion stems from educating people on the science of anti-aging through telomeres (enzymes located on the end of DNA that shorten as you age) that won the 2009 Nobel Prize for their discovery and their effects on aging combined with his understanding of how energy moves through the body.

After Dr. Misak received his degree in Pharmacy, he gained years of university hospital clinical pharmacy experience at Duke University Medical Center with a primary focus in Oncology and General Medicine. As Dr. Misak began to realize the pitfalls of traditional medicine and pharmacy, he started his continued search for truth in health which directed him to naturopathic medicine. He then moved his family across the country to Oregon, where he received his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000, while learning compounding pharmacy at Lloyd Center Pharmacy during medical school.

Dr. Misak now runs a private naturopathic practice in Pittsburgh, does regular YouTube shows teaching quantum bio-electric health concepts, has been published multiple times in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR), and does regular radio or talks teaching an analytical natural approach to health. His pharmacy and naturopathic background with understanding quantum bio-electric concepts lead to the creation of Vi-Telemetry TM.