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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman

In this episode of "Ask the Doctor", Dr. Friedman answers some of his listeners' most pressing questions. Listen in for all the details.

This inflation is unbearable. With food prices on the rise, are there any money-saving strategies that you can share?
Nancy Meadows - Schaumburg, IL

I drink 1-2 glasses of red wine with dinner. Is there a specific type of red wine that's healthier or does it not matter?
Eileen Mitchells - Valdosta, GA  

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Are some healthier than others, and what about the sugar content in apples?
Brenda O'Brien - Casper, WY

I want organic pasture-raised eggs, but always doubt the ones in the grocery store are actually pasture-raised. Do I need to go to a farmers market?
Kristin McCarthy - Springhill, TN

I have a food intolerance to several things I used to be able to eat with no problem. Why all of a sudden am I not able to eat foods I used to love?
Dolores Cohen, Tennessee 

I love to salt my food. Is salt really as bad as we've been led to believe?
Mark Evans - Tampa, FL

I suffer from candida and try all of the supplements but it always returns. Any suggestions? 
Ann Burkus, Sarasota, FL 

I'm drinking a lot of lemon water but I'm worried all of the acidity is bad for my stomach. Do you concur?
Pat Richards - Raleigh, NC

Are meal replacement shakes & bars ok to use instead of eating food if I want to lose weight?
Fran Denison - Albuquerque, NM

I suffer from migraines. Is there a supplement I can take that might help? 
Anna Edwards, Asheville, NC

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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman
David Friedman, ND, DC