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Perplexed About Probiotics

George Parakevakos, executive director of the International Probiotics Association says it’s not easy being one of the most popular consumed dietary supplements, and here’s why: Probiotics have taken center stage, rising to popularity quickly in the past decade largely due to how probiotics make people feel - but do they work?

This is a question that has been raised more recently as skeptics of probiotics appeal to the probiotics industry for in-depth answers. Parakevakos’ nonprofit organization has been leading the charge on the science and safety of probiotics for the past two decades.

He joins Dr. Friedman in this encore episode from February 2021 to share what science says when it comes to probiotic efficacy and safety, and address misconceptions on how and when to use them.
Perplexed About Probiotics
George Paraskevakos, MBA
George Paraskevakos, MBA, is executive director of the International Probiotics Association (IPA) whose mission is to promote the safe and efficacious use of probiotics throughout the world while being “The Global Voice of Probiotics.” As a probiotics expert and scientific strategist, he has developed international outreach programs for regulators and education platforms for healthcare providers and consumers. Since his designation as executive director, Paraskevakos has grown the association from 40 to 110 companies worldwide; hosted numerous international probiotics conferences; published extensive probiotic papers and articles, and collaborated with fellow probiotics associations to further knowledge on probiotics effectiveness and safety. Paraskevakos is also an advisory council member for the Center for Digestive Health at Rutgers University, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences, and Alliance for the Education of Probiotics (AEP).