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CBD Use in Sports and Health & Fitness

CBD is everywhere these days, from specialty markets to your local grocery store.

Research shows it may be an effective treatment for inflammation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress, and even autoimmune disease. But, not all CBD is created equal. Due to a lack of regulations, many CBD products on the market contain an undisclosed amount of THC, pesticides, metals, and other toxic additives.

Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran, two professional athletes, join Dr. Friedman to share their stories on how CBD changed their lives and how getting the right quality product can change yours in this encore episode from October 2019.

Matt and Kevin break through all the confusion on CBD and answer your questions about the difference between CBD & cannabis, the legality of CBD, and the most effective ways to use it (tincture, cream, pills, infusers), and more.
CBD Use in Sports and Health & Fitness
Matt Lombardi & Kevin Moran
Matt Lombardi, Co-Founder, and Co-Owner of beam
Matt Lombardi grew up in the greater Boston area and always dreamed of playing collegiately for Boston College. In 2006, Lombardi attended Boston College where he was fortunate enough to play hockey throughout his tenure, winning the national championship his sophomore and senior year. Lombardi attended the Carroll School of Management, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing in 2010.

Lombardi pursued a professional hockey career and went on to play in the New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguins organizations. After a bad concussion his last year playing professional hockey, he decided to take on a different career path moving into the tech field. His first job outside of the sports arena was an inbound sales desk at Eaton Vance, and since then has been a serial entrepreneur in the tech space becoming the Co-Founder of a startup called DRIVN Coaching Platform, and most recently CEO & Co-Founder of Grander Inc.

Kevin Moran, Co-Founder, and Co-Owner of beam
Kevin Moran was born and raised in Barnstable, MA. He grew up playing sports throughout his childhood, going on to attend Boston College where he played baseball. In 2010, Moran was drafted by the Chicago White Sox to play professionally. A 20-year-old collegiate junior at the time, Moran decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a professional baseball player and ultimately became a closing pitcher for the team.

Over the course of the next few years, Moran endured countless injuries and surgeries on his knee, elbow, and shoulder. It seemed as though the pain would never end, and after careful consideration, he decided to retire from professional baseball after his shoulder injury worsened. He then returned to Boston College to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management. Throughout this time back in school, Moran attended countless rehab sessions to fix his shoulder. Once he graduated, Moran moved to Austin where he pursued a career in the tech industry.

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